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Sunday, May 13, 2012

Another Sunday Moment

Happy Mother's Day, Mom!!!


You're not going to find a man whose socks don't get dirty or who doesn't snore.

Helen Reddy

And I am okay with that, at least sometimes they are the socks I made, and I do love him.  That makes everything right in the world.
I have found a new, talented woman who does amazing things.  Part of this is about her, part is about my him.  My us.  First though, her.  Her company name is Needleclicks, etc on Etsy.  She made the bag, which is just the right size for my sock projects.  My little wooden box fits right in the bottom, the box with all my knitting stuff like my stitch markers and my measuring tape and my little scissors and my needles and my....well, you get the picture.  Anyway, it fits right in the bottom and there is still just the room I need for all the yarn I will need to make socks, and the sock in progress, of course.  The truly great part?  She must have snuck in one night and measured the basket on my fits there like it was made for it.  Perfect.
And this is her yarn.  She found a sweater, took the time to take it apart, rescuing it for another life.  After she did all that work, she hand dyed it into this incredible colorway.  Amethyst and peridot.  That becomes important in a moment.  The yarn came to me in worsted weight.  The plies were begging me to be separated so that is what I did.  I took it from what looked like four ply to two.  I now have enough for a pair of socks and a pair of mitts.  In Amethyst and peridot.  More about that in a moment.
How cool is this sock so far?  I am so excited about this sock.  I spoke to Bruce and told him this pair is for me.  Did you guess?  The moment is here....  His birth stone is amethyst and mine is peridot.  They just bled one into the other in to something really special....from a man that snores sometimes (sorry Bruce) into a woman who isn't anywhere near perfect who knits socks.  Isn't it a happy Sunday?