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Thursday, March 20, 2014

Life Moves On

"Life goes on within you and without you."

~The Beatles

I am retired.  Kicking and screaming.  27 February, 2014.  Yesterday, I had a new addition to my life, his name is Bob.  Or 808, Sue couldn't tell.  I prefer 808 of 9.  He lifts, he tilts, he whirls 180 degrees!!!  He is a snazzy red and will take me to places I can no longer go without him.  For that I am grateful.  Today, as part of my physical therapy, Bob and Sue and I went for a "walk" to Walgreens, crossing two streets.  In and out of doors is still a challenge, heck, going straight poses a challenge, as the gash in the paint on her wall will attest.   Now, someone needs to teach him to open doors.  Maybe I need a guide monkey.

I am just finishing a pair of socks tonight and am hoping to get them blocked.  I joined a sock swap and am hoping she will like them.  You know how it is when you knit for another knitter.  Will she see my mistake?  Will it fit her perfectly?  Will the color be alright?  I will post pictures after I have them blocked, she does not visit me here, yet.

God Bless!