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Saturday, October 4, 2014

Death, New Life and Marriage...Life Marches On

The best laid plans of mice and men often go awry.

Robert Burns

I have sad news.  My best friend passed away in August from small cell lung cancer.  She fought valiantly for a year before it stole her away from us.  She and I were supposed to grow gracefully into old age, sharing events and secrets and just life in general.  I loved her like a sister and still do today.  I always will.  I still talk to her and sent her emails to tell her wonderful and disappointing things.  I am not sure how to heal from this.  I know it will take time. She won't be here for my wedding...more on that in a minute.
Meet my Great Grandparents on my Mother's side.  William and Queen Victoria. 
Let me tell you a story.
On October 11th, I was marrying the love of my life.  His name is Bruce, I have known him for years, and he is a very good man.  When we found out 5 years ago that I have a very progressive form of Multiple Sclerosis, I was afraid it would scare him off.  He said "We will get through this together."  He meant it.  He has been changing his house for me, moving into the main level bedroom, adding a ramp for my wheelchair, widening doors.  My Grandmother, Lillian, told me to marry my best friend.  This time I listened.
He lives a two day drive from me.  He was one day into the drive, 12 hours on the road, when he decided to spend the night in Indiana.  Early the next morning, I checked my messages to find his beautiful daughter's water had broken early.  I told her I would turn him around and I did.  He didn't make it in time for the birth of his first Granddaughter, Cassidy, she was in a big hurry to meet her Mother in person.  He did get there soon afterward.  He is a very proud Grandpa!!  My daughter is calling Cassidy the wedding crasher.  lol.  We have postponed our marriage one month to November 8th.  I am excited to meet this little girl!  This was the perfect reason to delay starting my life with my soulmate. 
My best friend won't be standing with me.  Her name is Penny.  I have ordered a special necklace from Etsy.  It has a silver disk with her name and the year.  It has a penny and then a heart on top.  I have asked her husband for a penny from her purse.  My Dad and Bruce will use my Grandfather John's handmade drill press to drill the hole in Penny's penny and we will exchange the pennies in the necklace.   I will show you when it is done.  I will have her with me on my wedding day.
Things are busy around here.  Sorting, donating, throwing away, packing and moving!  I have spent a long time being afraid to marry after a bad marriage.  I have spent a long time healing.  I am ready for my happily ever after.  :)