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Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Look Who Came For Dinner

Fear the vulture, and the vulture will come.  Fear nothing, and you are the vulture,

Suzy Kassem

I looked out the French doors to see this bird.  He remained just so until Freddie Peepers (a wild cat Dear Husband feeds) spotted him and decided this could be dinner on bird feet.  Very interesting face, don't you think?  We do feed birds, just not these.

Sunday, May 1, 2016

Spring is Here

“Every day may not be good... but there's something good in every day”

― Alice Morse Earle

I am ready for Spring.  This Bleeding Heart was a $1 special at Lowes last year, I am very proud of it.  Turned out much better than I thought it would after the first winter in the ground.  It is well mulched.
These are a new kind of chives for me.  Instead of sending up blossoms, it sends up tiny plants much like an Egyptian Walking Onion.  I bought the plants last year from Burpees after having read an article about them.  Dear Husband is going to help me bend wire so I can peg the little plantlets into pots to start new plants to share.
The little plantlet. I feel so proud.  They are doing just what was advertised.

I told my Husband a month or so ago that the pole the wren house was on was crooked.  Last week he decided to try straightening it.  The little wren came flying out, probably off her eggs, cussing up a storm. She flew up in the tree right above, flying from limb to limb and chirping in short bursts, most likely asking just what he thought he was doing! She did eventually go back in. She blocked the door. Not a happy camper and you should have seen his face.