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Tuesday, May 27, 2008

A New Beginning

I have been lurking for a while, reading many of the blogs you all post to. I have seen women who feel the need to quit blogging because it takes too much out of them. I have seen women who derive strength from posting. I have seen creations that have inspired me. All in all, I have decided to join this wonderful world of blogging, hoping to be one of the ones that find my voice and become inspiration to others. Thanks, Ladies!


Anonymous said...

Welcome to the blogging community! I look forward to getting to know you.

Michelle said...

Hello! Can you tell us your first name? Also, you may want to add an email link so we can reply to you. Right now, you have it set to no reply, so I decided to write this on your post. Unless you read blogs regularly, you may not know if someone wants to write something back to you, like I did!
Welcome to blogland. It is lots of fun, and I have met some really wonderful people.

Morna said...

There is no doubt it sucks up time that could be used to make things. It is addictive. It is fun. Welsome to Blogland! :)