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Tuesday, September 16, 2008

9/11 & Vacation

What better place to be on 9/11 when you live in South Dakota than at Mount Rushmore. As we pulled into the park to pay for parking, I told the woman in the booth what a great job she had, to be able to talk to happy excited people all day. Imagine how stunned we both were when she said, "You would think that, wouldn't you?". It turned out that a car a little ahead of us told her they thought the monument would be bigger, they were disappointed and they wanted to know if they could just turn around without paying and leave.......

We were still excited, even though we have been there before. The flag was at half mast, as it should be on that day. The camaraderie we felt emanating from the other patriots and those visiting from other countries was powerful. The picture above was taken from the highway before you even get to the monument. If you chose to take the Presidential Trail, as we always do, you get to see the faces fairly close up and there is a story along the way about each President. There will be wildlife if you look for the movement off the trail.

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