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Sunday, May 24, 2009

Sunday Moments

As I get older, I prefer to knit.
Tracey Ullman
I received Christmas in the mail. Qutecowgirl has been dyeing more fingering yarn and this time it was difficult to chose. I left a few if you are interested, but move quickly as I am reconsidering. These yarns are merino/silk blends. I have never knitted with silk before so this will be a brand new experience. Sunflower is on the right, Drama is on the left. They are really quite lovely. These are merino/nylon blends that will make them washable. Her yarns knit up wonderfully, slide well on the needles and don't split. The one on the right, Fall, is my all time favorite of all the yarns I have bought from her. The other, Night Sky, almost has a storm brewing kind of look.

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