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Thursday, December 6, 2012

Results are what you expect; consequences are what you get.

~ Anonymous

Sometimes things don't necessarily go as planned. Knee replacement surgery in September was supposed to go quick and easy and I was supposed to be back at work quickly. MS proved to be a bit of a problem and then no one even bothered to tell me that my hip could act up, called Trochanter Bursitis. Oops, then MS kicked in again and last week I fell. Darn. I am getting a little knitting done, but no pictures as of yet. Work is wanting to know if I am retiring. No. Not if I can help it. No. You know what they say about denial.   
However, my range of motion has everyone excited, better than what they usually see. I sit.  Exercising.  Healing.  Sleeping.  And sometimes knitting.  But mostly sleeping.   I am going to kick ass.  I know it, because my knee will reach that high.  If I ever heal.

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