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Thursday, October 9, 2008


Those of us that garden will most likely use mulch. It keeps the weeds down and the soil moist and cooler. I have been mulching my houseplants now for years. I find the beach glass or glass stones at thrift stores and garage sales cheap. They may have been at home in an aquarium or a vase to support flowers in a previous life, but now they add beauty to my plants that I move in and outdoors. Although there has not been a frost here yet, there is definitely one coming soon. The dining room is filled with plants until I can figure out where to put them all. The plant in the photo is an allspice tree. It has a rosemary topiary, two bay trees, two Meyer lemon trees and a red leaf peach tree to keep it well as the polar bear. Each of my plants has at least one "plant buddy". It might be in the form of a small glass slipper or something as simple as a few shells.

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