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Monday, June 15, 2009

Come Monday

"Once had a rose named after me and I was very flattered. But I was not pleased to read the description in the catalogue: "No good in a bed, but fine up against a wall."
Eleanor Roosevelt
World Wide Knit in Public day....and I did, twice. I had a great day with three dear friends that live in a small town north of me. The drive was beautiful and the weather cooperated. I got to spend time in a peace garden, it was everything it's name implied. One the way home, I stopped at a favorite thrift shop and look what I found:
I was reading Rag-A-Muffin's blog about threads for penny rugs and I could not pass all this crochet cotton up....not at this price! I might even find a crochet or knitting project to use some of it up. I think it would make a beautiful shawl.
This was one of my more recent purchases. I was in Barnes & Noble a few weeks ago and this just jumped into my arms and begged to go home with me, honestly, could you have refused? This is what I was knitting in public:
This is my first sock out of the box of cards. This is a great way to market the patterns. They are the perfect size to take along with you.
This truly fabulous yarn is called Fall, from Qutecowgirl.....of course. She has a really beautiful "African Violet" colorway that will be coming home to me soon, if one of you don't snap it up first.

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