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Sunday, February 8, 2009

Sunday Moments

I am no stranger to hot water, I seem to remain there. I have heard it will make me stronger...I am waiting.....
Lake Michigan. The view from my hotel room while I was in Chicago. I spent a week out there for the company I work for in conferences. What a calming sight.
Tour of Tables 2009. This is a luncheon put on by the Dell Rapids Area Ministerial Association to assist with the Families in Need Fund. Once a year, volunteers get together and decorate tables. Seats are sold and donations are gathered for families that need help. They spoke of a single mother who has three part-time jobs that needed just a little more to bring her current on rent so they would not be evicted. There were more stories, but they all reflected the economy. My dear friend was the guest speaker and I have to tell you I was so very impressed. She should be doing this for a living and I told her so.
This little bag, I am calling it a binding bag, although others will use it for cosmetics, was the little gift on my plate. It was made by another friend and filled by the local quilt shop.

There was a quilt label, a tiny ruler and a bag of 3" charms. Help me, please, with any ideas on how to use these charms! They are beutiful.

The spoon is a little find I picked up at the local thrift shop. I am not sure what it is used for, but I will come up with something.

So, the last Friday in January, my friend Penny called me after work to tell me that she found a garage sale and an estate sale, can you believe that???? On January! I collect Royal Ruby depression glass and they had 9 of my ball stem goblets for sale, $16 for the whole lot. I sang all the way home! Five of mine were damaged...okay....shattered during the divorce. I was thrilled to be able to replace them for next to nothing. Believe me, they went to a good home.

I joined a sock of the month club. These were the January socks that got posted.

Have a blessed week and thank you for stopping by.

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