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Sunday, January 25, 2009

My Featherweight Case

A true friend is someone who thinks that you are a good egg even though he knows that you are slightly cracked.
~ Bernard Meltzer
A few years back, I went through a rather nasty divorce, as so many of us do. It always seems to leave us cracked and bruised. It was during this time I lost my Featherweight. It wasn't as hard as I thought it would be to give it up to him, it really wasn't and I hope having it has made him happy.
A friend of mine had one in her closet and she had never used it. I was able to purchase it from her. The case had a slightly musty smell I could not get rid of no matter what I tried, and believe me, I tried every thing. My dear friend, Penny offered to help me pull all the black paper from the case. My idea was to get rid of the paper, seal the wood underneath and paint the case and apply stickers. Penny took it home with her to finish with the paper as I have asthma and I had started to wheeze. She took the first two pictures in her kitchen.
Penny is a wood worker extraordinaire! She stripped the glue, applied beautiful trim, stained and worked her magic until I had something better than anyone could have ever imagined.....and it didn't stop there.
Note the little inlaid maching in the bottom right hand corner of the back of the case. All the wood, with the exception of the inlays are original to the case and was buried under the black paper.
I took this picture for you tonight and it does not do justice at all. There is now a little brass nameplate with my name on it on the outside of the front. Penny made me a precious gem that I will treasure all the days of my life. I have to admit, this machine runs better than my old one, it looks better. And now, it has an incredible new home that was made especially for me. Thank you, Penny!


Gayle said...

I personally like the musty smell of my featherweight case, but now, knowing what's underneath that black paper I might just want to strip it off too! That is so beautiful! What a wonderful friend!

Rusty Lavery said...

I realize this comment is years after your posting, but I just found it. Wow, what a wonderful gift Penny gave to you. That is beautiful! She is truly a wonderful wood worker.

SDQuilter said...

Thank you, you brought back some wonderful memories. I am so happy she did these for me. She was an extraordinary woodworker. I will always be blessed to have had her in my life. This case is for my black Featherweight, she inlaid my name, a quilt block she found online and an ivory like trim. She redid the case for my white Featherweight, too. It's just as gorgeous as the first one. These have become real family heirlooms.