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Friday, March 6, 2009


Life can only be understood backwards, but it has to be lived forwards.
Søren Kierkegaard

Today after work, I stopped at my favorite thrift store and found the cheese dome with no wooden under tray for next to nothing. I found this beautiful plate with the vining leaves that serves the purpose perfectly, they go together like they were made for each other. You are looking at a nursery for some of my seedlings I will start soon.

My dear friend Penny had a death in her family this week. Her husband's twin perished in a house fire. He lived out of state, as does most of their family. I was lucky enough to be able take a day off work to go to his funeral yesterday. He was a Vietnam Veteran. It was an experience I want to share. What some of you may not know is that I am also a Veteran. As the service was coming to a close, the Military Color Guard came forward to re-drape the casket with the Flag. The Sergeant in Charge addressed the congregation. He let us know that by order of Congress, all veterans, even those in civilian clothes, are authorized to salute the casket. We all snapped to attention and smartly saluted. I will tell you now, there was not a dry eye in the crowd when the bugler played TAPS. I was standing behind his Mother, holding the handles of her wheelchair just moments before. Still standing at attention while they folded the Flag and delivered it to his Mother, I was close enough that I could hear the words he whispered to her and he made me cry again. It was definitely the most moving service I have ever been to. The National Guard did a fantastic job. Their job is not an easy one, but boy is it important to a lot of people.

While I was out of town, I did manage to stop by a quilt shop I had never been to before and I did enjoy looking through everything, touching fabric and talking to friendly people. I brought a small haul home with me that I can't wait to play with.

God Bless and thank you for stopping by.

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