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Sunday, March 8, 2009

Sinday Moments

Perhaps imagination is only intelligence having fun.
— George Scialabba
Yesterday morning, we woke to a cold house and no power. What to do? Go to IHOP for breakfast and the flea market for fun and warmth. Of course, there are always treasures to be had, resisting them is part of the mandatory budget in action. Above is a beautiful set of bowls I picked up for just $2.00. Although they look hand thrown, I imagine they are massed produced, but they are beautiful none the less.
This wooden hook caught my eye and the price was well within the parameters of my budget. Another great addition to my collection. I also found a basket and a wonderful inexpensive gift for my Mother that will just thrill her when it shows up unexpectantly in the mail later this week. She lost her favorite Samta cookie cutter but my Granddaughter and I unearthed the same one at the bottom of another basket for only $1.00.
We returned home in the afternoon to a cold house and no power. After a call to the electric company, we found out that if we took a nap, the house should be warm by the time we woke up. Talk about a dream, lazy day of doing nothing but fun things. The house was indeed warm when we emerged from our cocoons.

This photo is just a reminder it is time to start on more felted sewing kits for my handmade Christmas gifts.
I was reading through my sock-a-month club to find I was the winner of a beautiful skein of hand dyed yarn for the month of February. I totally forgot they did drawings. I am beside myself with excitement!

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