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Thursday, November 26, 2009

Wool & Alpaca & Silk...Oh My

“The thankful receiver bears a plentiful harvest.”
William Blake
Yesterday, in a dim moment, I received a box. A plain white box. When I opened it, a bounty of colorful fiber sprang forth. They appear here in no particular order, as I could not select a favorite if I tried really hard. The first three were dyed specifically with me in mind.
During the dye process, my name was written on each loop of yarn. That story made me cry. The absolute best yarn dyer in the world, Qutecowgirl (and no, I didn't know her before purchasing my first skein of yarn from her and no, I couldn't tell you how many I have purchased from her...let's just say a lot), knew I was going through a difficult time and look what she did:
These first three will stay with me, as socks or mittens or.....whatever. They are mine.
I asked her if she could recreate beach glass. Bruce and I love to walk on the beach.
This alpaca is truly wonderful to just sit and touch....
"Every Color" & "Monet" are really quite incredible in person. Remember my favorite yarn dyed by a five year old young girl not too long ago? She and her sister had a hand in these. They can dye for me anytime. And I am sure they will be asking to....:)
And now, for what I have really been getting to, the caramel colored yarn I asked her to dye. I want to knit Anne Hansen's Honeybee Stole. Of course, being female, I may have changed my mind. I also have fallen in love with her Dovecote Shawl. Take a trip through her shop and see what you think. It really is hard to decide.
Ladies, I don't ever leave many skeins in Qutecowgirl's Etsy. Go often and take a peek, you just might beat me to a beautiful gem. Tell her I said Hi!!

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Caths Pennies Designs said...

Those are really glorious colors. I don't know which I like the best .. they are all so beautiful.