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Monday, February 7, 2011

The absent are never without fault, nor the present without excuse.
- Benjamin Franklin
I have new and wonderful things to show you. I have met a new yarn rescuer from the UK that has the most beautiful reclaimed yarn at her Etsy shop. Her name is CastOffCastOnUK. If you have been thinking of doing something a little more Earth friendly and green, it might be a good thing to pop in and take a look. She has some lovely rose and emerald yarns posted, as well as some yarns she has reduced the price on to sell as complete sets.
My Mother's friend past away last year. She crocheted wonderful afghans for the people she loved. I asked my Mother to pick a couple out that she had not finished. I finished on for her and one for her friend's daughter. I have discovered that with is disease, crochet is no longer easy for me, but I am thrilled to have them done and received on the other end.

The Stupidly Easy triangle Shawl by Glenna C. on Ravelry. I found this fantastic suede yarn at a thrift store in town. Probably enough to make a sweater. I needed something easy to work on while waiting for appointments. This was just the thing. No patterns to memorize. My friend thinks it is the best thing I have made in a while, so it goes to her.
There were 6 skeins of this, already rolled into center pull balls, for only $5. Not a bad deal.

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