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Saturday, July 4, 2009

Happy Independence Day

Independence - is loyalty to one's best self and principles, and this is often disloyalty to the general idols and fetishes
Mark Twain

This past week, my employers sent me off on a little excursion. I am always fascinated by these huge wind monsters slowly twirling through the air. I mentioned this to the driver and was informed the speed of the tips reaches about 100 mph even though they appear to be creeping.

On this day especially, please take a moment to remember our men and women serving in the armed forces....the very people that ensure our freedoms to do as we choose this and every important day.

It's the soldier, not the reporter,

Who gave us our freedom of the press.

It's the soldier, not the writer,

Who gave us our freedom of speech.

Serviceman's Prayer

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