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Sunday, July 26, 2009

Sunday Moments

Surprise is the greatest gift which life can grant us.
Boris Pasternak

Remember this hank of yarn from yesterday?
This is the self striping butterfly that is turned into. Believe it or not, this beautiful yarn is called "Child's Play 2", for a very good reason. A delightfully talented 5 year old....yes, she is 5 years old...had a hand in dyeing this masterpiece. It is a wool silk blend and it is a pleasure to knit. I am so excited about how it is coming out that I put a pair of socks I was knitting on hold to do these. I also am lucky enough to have "Child's Play 1"!
In my Christmas box of yarn that I opened this week, Qutecowgirl made a wonderful sock bag to enclose as a surprise. Wow!! Look at the charming interior. Those little ladybugs are the color of my car (which also looks a little like a bug to me). The pocket is just the right size for my measuring tape, scissors and tapestry needle, the bottom of the bag will probably hold a little chocolate.... This bag will go into my car for appointments and anytime I get stuck somewhere unexpectedly. I hate not having something close at hand to work on. She has a few left in her Etsy Shop. If you go over to take a look, tell her I said HI!!
While I was away, I picked up a book. What are the odds that she made markers for me for this book? I didn't tell her I had bought it. Aren't they adorable? If you click on the picture, you can get a better look.

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